The butterfly is a symbolic expression of mind. A butterfly represents the beauty and uniqueness of each of our minds, but just like the butterfly, no two minds are identical, and all are unique. We encourage every Sri Lankan to display and wear a butterfly proudly to help raise awareness about mental health issues.


Speak Your Mind is a global citizen-led campaign platform with one collective purpose - progress for mental health in every nation.
People from 19 countries worldwide, including Sri Lanka, have come together pledging to secure meaningful and urgent action from their governments, demanding they invest in mental health.

Technical Working Group for Disability Inclusive Elections

The Technical Working Group for Disability Inclusive Elections in Sri Lanka (DIESL-TWG) is a collective of cross-disability movements to ensure political participation of persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka.


Many people aren’t exposed to mental health issues until they are directly impacted by a tragedy such as suicide. But Mental health problems require multiple local stakeholders to work in concert. Collective community engagement can overcome the barriers to mental health promotion and prevention.

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The COVID 19 pandemic has affected lives, families, and communities globally, and the mental health impact of the pandemic is expected to be huge. The economic downturn, social distancing measures, unemployment and uncertainty increase the mental health burden at the individual and community level.
The secretary-general of the United Nations mentioned the need for urgent action to address the mental health needs in the post-COVID-19 period to reduce the long-term effects of the pandemic.
In the Sri Lankan context, there are limited studies done to see the mental health effects of COVID-19, but it is expected to increase mental health problems, substance abuse, and suicides following the pandemic. Therefore, it is essential to take collective action to address the mental health needs in the post-COVID-19 atmosphere around the country.
We invite policymakers, state officials, professionals, the corporate sector, educators, law enforcement authorities, community organizations and the general public to join hands to ensure everyone everywhere has someone to turn to when their mental health is in crisis.


We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis in the history of 70 years. Sri Lanka has run out of dollars to procure vital food and fuel imports, triggering weeks of demonstrations demanding the government step down. But it is, in the health sector, the consequences of the crisis are most visceral. Prices of commonly used medication have sharply increased twice in six weeks. Antibiotics, certain painkillers, and medicines for heart conditions are among those hit by a 40% mark-up. The hospitals and chemist stores across the country are running out of essential drugs, even to buy for a high price. Health department appeals for help have brought in donations from individuals and organisations.

The people living with mental health conditions are also affected by this situation. Mental health clinics don’t have essential medicine for weeks. Some of those are available in the private sector, but most people living with such conditions cannot afford to buy those from chemist stores.

The Directorate of Mental Health of the Government of Sri Lanka has issued a list of 16 essential medications required immediately. The government has agreed to receive donations directly, and CAN MH Lanka is happy to coordinate assistance in order to speed up the receipt of these vital drugs. CAN MH Lanka would appeal to our international friends to help us obtain these required drugs soon as psychiatric drugs are not being prioritised over life-saving medications in most cases.

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We invite university undergraduates and freshly qualified mental health professionals interested in contributing a social change to ensure everyone everywhere has someone to turn to their mental health in crisis to join our volunteer network.
The volunteer positions are unpaid and for a minimum period of 12 months from the date of appointment. Volunteers are provided with training and development opportunities and offered a certificate upon completion of the internship.
The undergraduates who should complete an internship as a part of their study are also welcome. Priority is given to Psychology, Social Sciences, Occupational Therapy and Counseling undergraduates.

Join hands in our journey toward a right-protected, nurturing community for the people with mental health needs in Sri Lanka