About Us

On 08th of January 2013, the Consumer Action Network Mental Health Lanka, known as CAN MH Lanka, was established. This network aimed to empower persons with psychosocial disabilities and raise awareness about mental health within the community by networking DPOs throughout the country.

In response to the challenges faced by persons with psychosocial disabilities, including stigma, limited support, and economic barriers, CAN MH Lanka has emerged as a dynamic force over the past decade. Our Decade of Impact (2013-2023) showcases significant strides in empowering individuals, advocacy against stigma, capacity building, and promoting mental health in various settings.

As CAN MH Lanka celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023, it continues to be a force for positive change in the lives of persons with psychosocial disabilities, striving for empowerment, advocacy, and societal understanding.

Decade of Impact (2013-2023)

EmpoweringPersons with Psycho-social Disabilities

Initiatives to enhance the well-being and empowerment of persons with psycho-social disabilities.

Advocacy to Eradicate Stigma and Protect Rights

Advocacy efforts to eliminate stigma and safeguard the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities.

Capacity Building Among Mental Health Stakeholders

Programs aimed at enhancing the understanding of mental health policy and practice among stakeholders.

Promoting Mental Health

Initiatives to promote mental health in the environments where people live, work, learn, and thrive.

2023 - 2033

our objectives

objective 1


Objective: Facilitate the empowerment of persons with psychosocial disabilities through networking initiatives.

Rationale: By creating a supportive network, we aim to empower persons with psychosocial disabilities at district, and national levels, fostering a sense of community and shared advocacy. 

objective 2


Objective: Advocate for the protection of the rights and empowerment of persons with psychosocial disabilities at the policy level.

Rationale: To create lasting change, we strive to influence policies that safeguard the rights and well-being of persons with psychosocial disabilities, ensuring their inclusion in society. 

objective 3


Objective: Network with local cross-disability movements and regional/global organizations for collective action in advocacy and empowerment.

Rationale: Recognizing the strength in collaboration, we seek to build alliances across different sectors to amplify our advocacy efforts and promote a more inclusive society. 

objective 4

Stigma Reduction 

Objective: Work towards stigma reduction by educating and advocating within the community on mental health.

Rationale: Raising awareness is essential for combatting stigma. By engaging the community in educational initiatives, we aim to dispel myths and foster understanding. 

Guiding Principles

Conflicts of Interest

CAN MH Lanka maintains a commitment to impartiality and ethical conduct by refraining from establishing direct relationships with profitable companies involved in mental health or healthcare service provision to prevent potential conflicts of interest.


CAN MH Lanka upholds its independence by avoiding dependencies or obligations with government or private organizations providing mental health, healthcare, or disability services.


CAN MH Lanka recognizes and values both rights-based mainstream and non-mainstream mental health and disability treatments, including traditional healing practices.

Holistic Care

CAN MH Lanka advocates for a holistic approach full continuum of essential health services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care.

Universal Access

CAN MH Lanka advocates tirelessly for universal access to quality and complete mental health and disability services for everyone, irrespective of geographical location within the country.

Human Rights

CAN MH Lanka is a staunch advocate for the protection of human rights for persons with psychosocial disabilities, including those in involuntary treatment facilities, shelters, and prisons.

equal participation

CAN MH Lanka values and promotes the equal participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities, carers, service providers, and the broader community at every step of mental health care and promotion.


CAN MH Lanka advocates for the complete inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities, including the right to education, work, and access to public places without barriers.

Organization Structure

The Governing Body, represented by the Board of Directors, comprises nine individuals, each with equal rights. This inclusive composition includes three persons with psychosocial disabilities, two carers, two service providers, and two representatives from the broader community.

Embodying decentralization, district organizations operate with an executive committee featuring key positions such as president, secretary, vice president, deputy secretary, treasurer, and district organizer. The district organizer, a professional member, serves as a crucial link, representing the district committee at the national level.

Working Groups, each focusing on specific aspects such as financing, education, advocacy, media, research, healthcare, and empowerment, form the operational backbone. This multifaceted structure reflects our commitment to holistic mental health initiatives, inclusive representation, and collaborative networking for positive societal impact.

Dive into the details to discover the enhancements and refinements that align with our commitment to positive change in mental health advocacy.Read the constitution and stay informed about the latest developments.