Voter Education Campaign

Our Vote Matters

CAN MH Lanka, with the support of the Election Commission of Sri Lanka and in collaboration with the Technical Working Group for Disability Inclusive Elections (DIESL-TWG) and the Civic and Voter Education Working Group (CVEWG) facilitated by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) Sri Lanka, working towards the inclusion of persons with psycho-social disabilities to the democratic process.

 This time, ahead of the parliamentary elections 2020, we launched a campaign; 

  1.  to ensure an unbiased, voluntary and safe vote for the persons with psycho-social disabilities. 
  2. to protect the persons with psycho-social disabilities from being misused in the election campaigns. 
    • prevent the candidates and political parties from using derogatory language in their election campaigns. 
    • prevent labouring the persons with psycho-social disabilities for election campaigns for free or a little payment. 
    • prevent the distribution of alcohol and other substances during the election campaigns.

Meeting with the Election Commission

we met the chairman of the Elections Commission and the officials including the Commissioner General of Elections on 15.07.2020 and the EC took action to inform the political party leaders and mass media regarding the above matters. The chairman of the EC announced the right to voluntary and unbiased vote for the persons with psycho-social disabilities at the press conference of the Elections Commission on 15.07.2020.

Distribution of Voter Education Material to the mental health clinics

We distributed Voter Education Material developed by the Election Commission to 215 mental health clinics covering all the districts of Sri Lanka. 

Develop and disseminate social media messages

We developed 10 social media messages with five strong messages in both Sinhalese and Tamil languages and disseminated widely through the social media pages of the partner organizations

Telephone campaign

We conducted a telephone-based voter education campaign in 10 districts through our district networks aiming 200 persons with psychosocial disabilities.

Our Vote Matters Campaign Report

The final report of the 'Our Vote Matters'CAN MH Lanka Voter Education and Advocacy Campaign is published now.

2020 August Report